Duet Adds 4 New Board Members

Duet is excited to welcome four new members to our board of directors: Reverend Cleo Lewis, Carol Sieg, Brock Barnhart, and Kamal Narayanamurti-Logue.

“What a wonderful group of community-minded individuals,” said Ann Wheat, executive director, Duet. “We are very excited to have their knowledge and expertise on our board. Many of them have volunteered with us, were raised by a grandparent or are currently caring for an aging parent and can relate to the services we offer.”

Reverend Cleo Lewis, Assistant Pastor, City Church/Urban Outreach Phoenix Director

Rev. Cleo Lewis is currently the Assistant Pastor at City Church/Urban Outreach Phoenix, and has been in staff ministry for close to ten years. He is a recognized community advocate and a neighborhood leader in the Sunnyslope community. He is the director of Cleo N. Lewis Ministries, Inc., that specializes in serving veterans, seniors, and first responders family members experiencing homelessness and economic insecurity. He is a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force having served during the Vietnam War era.

Cleo assisted the recent planning of Project Haven which developed into the first shelter for Seniors in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. He volunteers at the Central Arizona Shelter and serves on their Board of Directors. He volunteers with Prison Fellowship and teaches life skills to inmates returning from incarceration.

Cleo and his wife Cherie have six adult children and over thirty grandchildren. In their spare time, they enjoy hiking and travel.

“I am an Outreach Pastor who spends time with Seniors and Multigenerational families assessing and resourcing community resources that can assist them. I am very familiar with the missional range of Duet and its capacity to assist them in a variety of areas of benefit.” 

Carol Sieg, CPA

Carol Sieg, C.P.A., is Arizona born and educated. A life-long resident of Central Phoenix, Carol graduated from Central High School and earned a degree in accounting from Arizona State University. As a C.P.A., Carol has worked for a variety of private businesses, including an auto dealership., machine shop, and home health agency. She worked for several C.P.A. firms over the years before opening her own practice in 2006. Her passion for accounting has focused on individuals and small businesses, and she frequently assists elderly individuals with their personal finances.

Carol and her husband, Tom, have one adult son. She is an avid reader, dog lover, crafter, and an active member of her faith community. She shares that her family provides strength and purpose, friends broaden her horizons, faith instills love and compassion, books expand her knowledge and expose her to diverse cultures, music offers tranquility, and nature offers her a glimpse of heaven.

“I joined the board of directors to be a part of an organization that makes a real difference in the lives of senior adults. Just as with a musical duet when two voices join to create one sound, so it is with Duet, the organization that joins community members with neighbors who need assistance to create lasting bonds and friendships. We are stronger together!”

Brock Barnhart, President/CEO, The Barnhart Company

Brock Barnhart, CEO of the Barnhart Company, has been in the communications and public relations industry for over 19 years. He started his career in several sales, project management positions in the private sector and later spent approximately 12 years in the Communications Division within the Arizona Department of Transportation, serving as the Assistant Communication Director. Brock is the current owner and Chief Executive Officer of The Barnhart Company, a marketing and public relations firm in Arizona. Brock strongly believes in the power of community. When he isn’t looking for ways to grow professionally, Brock is finding ways to give back to the community. Brock serves on the Honor Health, Desert Mission Board of Directors, golf committee with Teen Lifeline, and an alumni of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Arizona’s Finest.

“I have spent a better part of my life as a public servant and still today, me and my company (The Barnhart Company) serve the community in several ways, it is woven into my core. I was fortunate to grow up in a small community whose people walked the walk and were always there for one another. It brings me great joy to serve in such a critical role as a board member and to add value where I can to such a great organization, Duet.”

Kamal Narayanamurti-Logue, Founder, Klouty Vision

Kamal Narayanamurti-Logue, established Klouty Vision as an IT Recruiting and Management Consulting firm with a dual focus: bridging the realms of business prosperity and holistic health to empower both Small Businesses and Corporate IT teams for long-lasting success.

“I gained a newfound perspective and appreciation for the importance of supporting caregivers through my personal experiences, which was a significant reason why I’m grateful to join the Board of Duet.”



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