Celebrating 3 Groovy Duet Volunteers

One of Duet’s most anticipated and important annual traditions took place on Sunday, April 30, at Church of the Beatitudes: Duet’s 2023 Volunteer Appreciation Bash. Every year, this celebration gives us the chance to lift up all the excellent human beings who stand in the gap for our homebound seniors— “neighbors”—needing a ride to their doctor appointment, a trip to the grocery store, a lightbulb changed, or help managing their email. 

This year’s bash was a trip straight from the 1970’s, as we got our “groove” on and recognized three outstanding individuals for their volunteerism: Jerry Hotstetler, Bill Steele, and Christi Cielens.

Jerry Hotstetler has been providing services to our neighbors for over two decades now. This a “jack of all trades” has provided an impressive 4,000 volunteer hours of services to more than 181 neighbors, through 555 personalized interactions. And did we mention his compassionate heart extended above and beyond when he took in one of our neighbors for three months in his own home when she lost her home to a fire? 

Bill Steele is as solid a volunteer as his name suggests. The word “no” isn’t in Bill’s vocabulary as he is always contacting us for more neighbors to help. Currently, he is matched with 10 neighbors and has provided 1,400 of dedicated service. Imagine this: if we had 10 more volunteers like Bill, our wait list would be eliminated!      

The “full circle” award went to volunteer Christi Cielens. This bright light dispells darkness with her smile and kind, warm voice that lights up the room at our front desk. Christi transitioned from needing our services to giving her services back as a volunteer in our office. But the truly remarkable quality about this volunteer is she does it all while legally blind. With dogged determination, this dedicated volunteer translated all Duet’s staff extensions and phone instructions into Braille. All our lives are brighter, thanks to this award recipient.

With a generous number of smiles and dedicated work, Duet volunteers indeed provide a lifeline for the isolated and homebound adults we serve to vitally needed services such as medical appointments, grocery shopping, and human connection.

In addition to making life sustainably better for a homebound senior, volunteering your time and talent has benefits for you as well. Volunteering can reduce stress, enrich your mind, and develop interpersonal skills like the art of conversation and engagement. Feel fulfilled wherever you are now—be it newly retired, building your career, or seeking your better self. Volunteer.

Learn more about how you can pay it forward through volunteering, and sign up today for an upcoming Volunteer Orientation.



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