Caregivers Giving Back

From Receiving to Giving: The Evolution of Caregiver Support in Duet

Our Duet support groups are forums of give and take. Initially, caregivers join to receive help. Eventually, their caring natures prompt them to aid others who are navigating similar plights. Many caregivers, who are able, extend their generosity beyond a support group and give back to Duet in various ways:

Duet saved my life while I was caring for my mom. Volunteering is a way to continue my valued connection with Duet and to hopefully touch others in need.

Sandy volunteers for Duet in multiple capacities. She appears in the Finding Meaning and Hope video series, she makes check-in calls to caregivers, and she serves as a peer mentor.

Bewildered after my husband was diagnosed, I joined a support group. Duet saved my sanity. I want them to be able to do that for others. This is a community I have to support.

Suellen attends Duet events to support the organization.

Early in Ted’s diagnosis I turned to Duet, where I found a group that was a lifesaver for me. That support and the resources offered allowed me to care for him to the best of my ability.

Toni named Duet as the recipient of her husband’s memorial donation.

Janet, George, and Deanne all discovered Duet support groups while caring for their mothers. In gratitude, they volunteered: Janet trained and volunteered as a Finding Meaning and Hope facilitator, George and his husband appear in the Finding Meaning and Hope videos, and Deanne served on a marketing committee. Eventually, each was invited to become an employee.

Many others have contributed by being in the Finding Meaning and Hope series, gathering for the national CBS program taping, serving as peer mentors, donating their tax credit to Duet, or declaring Duet a memorial beneficiary.

We appreciate and value all the ways our caregivers give back to our Duet family. When you are in a place where you are able, please consider how you might remain involved with us.

A free Duet program that can help guide you to meaningful and purposeful pursuits is Next Chapter. Read about it, below.




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