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Taking care of an aging loved one is a complicated journey. We are here to help you throughout your caregiving journey. Most family members don’t consider the care they provide as “caregiving” – they’re just doing what comes naturally. However, a family caregiver is defined as someone who provides unpaid care for a loved one. And whether that care is provided in town or across the country, it’s a responsibility that can take a physical, mental, and emotional toll.


Hope for dementia family caregivers

Duet’s  is honored to have been invited by CBS News’ national correspondent Barry Petersen to help elevate the voices of family caregivers through a story featured on CBS Saturday Morning. Petersen sat down with family caregivers and Duet’s Executive Director, Ann Wheat, to learn more about the complex grief and challenging path that family caregivers face. Duet’s Meaning & Hope Institute is committed to providing caregivers with compassionate support to at every step of caregiving journey, while increasing access to critically need support services through our dedicated community partners.

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The impact of family caregiver support groups


of attendees learned about resources to help them and help their loved one.


of participants feel more confident in their role as a family caregiver.


of participants feel a sense of camaraderie and support.

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  • George Burson, Caregiver Services Coordinator
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    “I have been a family caregiver, facilitate Duet support groups, and am a Finding Meaning and Hope facilitator. I hope to meet you soon!”

  • Carly McLain, Caregiver Services Coordinator
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    “I am passionate about fostering connections in the caregiving community. Let’s chat—I am eager to find ways we can support you throughout your journey!”

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    “I’m aware of the plight of the caregiver, as I have been one myself, and I’m here to guide you on your journey. Please call, I look forward to speaking with you.”

  • Janet Richards, Director of Caregiver Services
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    “I am currently a family caregiver so I can identify with the struggles you face. I look forward to talking with you and helping you connect with our services.”


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Area Agency on Aging
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