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“This isn’t how I pictured my golden years.”

Have you found yourself in the unexpected position of raising your grandchild or kin? You’re not alone. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 6.7 million people or 3.3% of adults age 30 and over lived with their grandchildren in 2021, and roughly 32.7% of these grandparents were responsible for their care.  We know you’re facing a complex situation. If you feel unprepared and ill-equipped to assume this new role, we understand and we’re a safe place. Sharing a household across generations can be more manageable with Duet’s support.

Understanding the Challenges for Grandparents Parenting Grandchildren

Embarking on the journey of raising grandchildren often brings unexpected legal, financial, and emotional challenges.

Legal and Custody Issues

Navigating the legal system can be daunting as you might need to secure guardianship or resolve custody disputes. It’s crucial to ensure the stability and safety of your grandchildren, but understanding and managing these legal responsibilities can often be overwhelming. Assistance with legal guidance can make this process smoother and more manageable.

Financial Stress

The sudden responsibility of caring for young ones can lead to significant financial strain. The sudden responsibility of caring for young ones can lead to significant financial strain. Duet’s assistance focuses on supporting extracurricular activities like after-school programs, sports, and camps. These funds help alleviate the burden and ensure your grandchildren can participate in enriching programs, giving you some well-deserved time off.

Emotional and Physical Strain

The emotional weight of a new caregiving role can contribute to physical and mental health challenges. Balancing the daily demands of parenting with personal health needs can be strenuous, especially as it may come at a time when you are looking to slow down. Access to support groups and wellness programs can offer much-needed relief and support.

Social Isolation

Taking on the primary care of grandchildren can lead to a reduction in social interactions. Commitments can restrict opportunities for social engagements, leading to feelings of isolation which can affect your overall well-being. Social support networks and community activities can help maintain social connections and improve mental health.

Our programs are tailored for grandparents raising grandchildren, offering the support needed to strengthen family bonds and confidently manage your caregiving role.


Services & Resources for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Grandmother and grandson smiling while enjoying a meal together at a community event.


Duet defines a “grandfamily” as individuals who are raising grandchildren or other relative kin who are raising extended family member’s children. Duet’s kinship care services are provided to grandfamilies regardless of income levels. A detailed eligibility intake/interview is required for families requesting financial assistance to pay for respite, legal assistance, and grandfamily outings. Grandfamilies will need to demonstrate they are actively and legally authorized to care for their vulnerable child.


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The impact of one person helping another


of grandfamilies surveyed shared they felt a sense of camaraderie and support from attending a grandparent support group.


of grandfamilies surveyed shared they felt they gained knowledge and feel more informed, which will enable me to make better decisions as a caregiver/parent.


of grandfamilies surveyed shared they feel they are learning how to better build relationships with the children in their care by attending educational workshops and support groups.

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  • Kinship services

    Patricia Dominguez
    Patricia Dominguez, MSW, Director of Kinship Care Services
    (602) 274-5022, ext. 120

    I’ve been blessed to work with grandparents who want to make a difference in the lives of their grandchildren and what they do for love. Our grandfamilies are loving, resilient and simply amazing!”

  • Kinship services

    Lisa McCormick
    Lisa McCormick, BSW, Kinship Care Services Manager
    (602) 274-5022, ext. 114

    “The best part of working with the grandfamilies is knowing how much love they have for their little people. I enjoy being a listening ear by holding space for their feelings and providing them with education and resources to help their family thrive.”

  • Kinship services

    Diane Murrieta
    Diane Murrieta, BA, Bilingual Kinship Care Services Manager
    (602) 274-5022, ext. 133

    “I find it very rewarding to connect grandfamilies with needed services and resources and then see how they become more at ease and start to feel better about themselves and with life in general. I would like grandparents to know that the sky is the limit as they dedicate their lives to raising their grandkids and receive our support services along the way.”


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