The Gift of Dosia’s Legacy

The Unbroken Vigil

by The Rev. Dr. Dosia Carlson

Poet, musician, author, and founder of Duet: Partners In Health & Aging, The Rev. Dr. Dosia Carlson authored her memoir, The Unbroken Vigil, to encourage us to take time for pause and reflection while simultaneously striving to live a more hopeful and joyous life.

Born January 11, 1930, Dosia Carlson led a life of purpose and inspiration. Afflicted with Polio from a young age, Dosia knew a life of challenge. This memoir -written following a health crisis in 1961 in which she was hospitalized and admitted to an intensive care unit -illustrates what compassion, dignity, and hope can look like for the marginalized and forgotten.

But it is much more than an account of an amazing life lived, it is a call to all of us to be stewards of love and kindness in the face of brokenness and against all odds, unceasing, and, in the words of Dosia herself, “to be continued.”

Beatitudes Campus member and dear Duet supporter, Barbara Carpenter, lovingly charged herself with the task of sharing the late Rev. Dr. Dosia Carlson’s inspiring memoir, The Unbroken Vigil, with our community and the many people who knew and loved her. Thanks to Barbara and generous contributions from family and friends, a limited number of copies of Dosia’s book have been re-published to honor her legacy and support Duet’s mission. Order your copies today.