How to Become a Duet Volunteer

How to Become a Duet Volunteer

During Duet volunteer orientation, you will be given an overview of Duet’s services.

By Jenna-Lee Neff, Communications Intern

Duet volunteers provide help in a variety of capacities, but our most critical need for volunteers are those who can help transport homebound adults to the grocery store and medical appointments. It takes as little as a couple hours a month to make a true difference in the life of a homebound adult, affectionately referred to as “neighbor.”

To become a Duet volunteer, visit our volunteer page and sign up for an upcoming orientation. Duet’s volunteer orientations are held once a month with the location announced in advance on Duet’s website and the Facebook page. Typically orientations are held on a Saturday at a local congregation. Several times throughout the year though there is an evening orientation at the Duet office as well.

While you are on the volunteer page, take a special look at our interactive map. There, you can get an idea of neighbors in need close to your home. There are currently 60 homebound adults across the waiting for compassionate volunteers.

As we move into spring and summer the need for volunteers to serve the elderly in the Phoenix area increases. Many isolated elders and homebound adults lack vital services such as transportation to the grocery store and doctor appointments in the summer months. Many of our volunteers travel during the summer months, contributing to the rising need for volunteers during this time.

In order to complete orientation as a Duet volunteer you will need to arrive on time. The orientations run from about 2.5 hours so future volunteers can learn about the services that Duet provides and become registered. Future volunteers who arrive late may be asked to attend the next month’s volunteer orientation instead.

To complete your registration as a Duet volunteer you will need to bring your driver’s license or state ID with you. If you are intending to volunteer for transportation services you must have a valid driver’s license and car insurance for your vehicle.

Arizona state law requires anyone who is working as a volunteer with the elderly to have a Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance. Without a Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance you will be unable to volunteer with Duet, we are unable to make exceptions for any reason. If you already have your Level 1 Fingerprint Card, please bring it to the orientation with you. The Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance cost $65 to the Department of Public Safety and $8 to Fieldprint. After six months of active volunteering, Duet will refund the cost of a card at your request.

Once you arrive a member of Duet’s staff will get you signed in and get your picture taken. This picture will be used for your Duet volunteer badge. The presentation will start with the introduction of Duet staff members, as well as an introduction into Duet. During this time you will begin filling out your application for Duet, though you will be instructed to skip a portion of the application until the presenter talks about the services Duet offers.

Then the Level 1 Fingerprinting Clearance will be discussed, and the Duet staff will get you started on filling out the paperwork. The Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance is not performed at the orientation; you will need to set up an appointment with Fieldprint fingerprinting service to have your fingerprints done. Your Duet presenter will be able to tell you locations that this can be done at and tell you how to find one close to your home.

During your orientation you will learn about the volunteer services that Duet offers and decide which of those services you would like to be involved in. Some of those services include grocery shopping, transportation to medical appointments and friendly visiting.

The volunteer orientation wraps up with information about your role as a volunteer including guidelines, a brief introduction into reporting your volunteer hours and things to keep in mind. After the orientation, once you have completed the process for your Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance, the process of matching you with one of Duet’s neighbors will begin.

There are still plenty of ways to help Duet even if you’re not looking to volunteer one-on-one with a neighbor. These opportunities—such as help in the office, outreach and special events—do not require a volunteer orientation. Call us at (602) 274-5022 to find out more.