Congregational health programs promote health in mind, body, and spirit.

Duet is a resource for faith communities and nurses who want to create and sustain health programs that help the whole person in mind, body, and spirit. Duet trains nurses how to combine their professional skills with their faith in order to promote health, healing, and disease prevention within their congregations and the communities they serve. Congregations and nurses are empowered by Duet through education, resources, and networking sessions.

Duet’s faith community nurse networking meetings have given me support, valuable continuing education information, and a community of other faith community nurses to learn from and fellowship with.
– Mary Kay and Veronica, faith community nurses

What is a Faith Community Nurse?

A faith community nurse is a registered nurse who serves their faith community as health educator, personal health counselor and advocate, facilitator of health support programs, and interpreter of the relationship between health and faith. Faith community nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that focuses on the intentional care of the spirit as part of the process of promoting wholeness and preventing or minimizing illness.

What is a Health Ministry?

A faith-based health ministry is a program within a faith community which combines the skills of health professionals, clergy and lay individuals to promote health and healing as part of the mission and service of a faith community to its members and the community it serves.

Duet assists congregations in starting or maintaining a health ministry.

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Faith Community Nursing News

Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course

Duet trains faith community nurses through our Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course. We are the only organization in Arizona to provide this course. This course is based on the curriculum developed through the Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing, a ministry of Church Health Center. Duet has been approved to offer the standardized curriculum. If you are interested in the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course, please contact Anne Varner at

Networking Sessions

Come and network, learn, and share with others who are working in congregational health programs. We offer monthly support groups for faith community nurses in the East, Central, and West Valley.

october, 2022

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Mentoring Program

Duet offers a mentor program for new faith community nurses. We pair new faith community nurses with experienced ones to help them navigate their journey.

Call Director of Congregational Health April Polley at (602) 274-5022 X116 to learn more.

Congregational Health Information Sessions

Congregational Health Information Sessions

Duet hosts several Congregational Health information sessions annually. These sessions cover what a faith community nurse does and their role in the congregation; how a faith community nurse works in partnership with other health and wellness programs in the congregation; recommendations for beginning and maintain a nurse or lay led congregational health program, and the ongoing support Duet provides to help a health program flourish.

october, 2022

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FCN Monthly Statistics

Reporting your hours is vital to assisting Duet gather data that we share with: clergy considering starting a health program in their faith community and nurses who might be interested in becoming faith community nurses. They also help us to quantify the impact of faith community nurses on the community and share with potential funders.


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