We understand the challenges you may be facing.

We’re here to offer support and understanding. Our services focus on the specific needs of older adults and their families.

We’re your partner in health and aging.

Homebound Adults

If you are homebound because you can no longer drive due to age, disability, or disease, we can help you with basic needs such as getting groceries, rides to medical appointments and much more.

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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Grandparents who are raising grandchildren often face complex situations. By giving grandparents tools and information on how to handle the challenge of raising a second family, we help keep children out of foster care.
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If you’re taking care of someone you love, whether in town or across the country, you may not realize the toll it’s taking on your health. We help family caregivers cope with their situations.
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Nurses in Faith Communities

If you’ve ever wondered how to combine your faith with your nursing skills, we have the answer. We promote health and well-being by training nurses how to create faith-based health programs.
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