Below are many useful referrals and resources. The resources are listed by category. However, a good place to start your search might be the Community Information and Referral and Benefits Checkup links below. The National Volunteer Caregiving Network (Formerly Faith in Action) maintains a national website so you can find volunteer services in any state.


Benefits CheckUp will help you find programs for people 55 and older. These programs may pay for some of the cost of:

Use the link below to find benefits you or a family member may be eligible to receive.


Referral Categories

Adult Day Health Care


Elder Abuse



Equipment/Medical Supplies

Food Commodities/Box

Hearing Impairment

Home Repair/Modification/Weatherization


Information and Referral Services

Legal Services

Life Safety Buttons

Live-In/Homemaker/Home Health Services

Meals Delivered to Home

Senior Centers

Support Groups

Telephone Reassurance

Transportation (See also Volunteer Programs below)

Note:  Comtrans, 602-231-0102, provides transportation to people with mental illness through their Magellan or SW Behavioral health case mgr.

Vision Impairment

Volunteer Programs:  These nonprofit organizations serve homebound adults with transportation, shopping, and various in-home services:

View a map that shows volunteer programs by geographic service area